Texas is the Laboratory of Fascism: On Vote-By-Mail Apps, the Concentration of Capital and the Texas GOP

The presidential race is actually quite tight in Texas, and this is very important. Biden is solidly in the margin of error, sometimes trailing Trump, sometimes ahead. The Texas Democratic Party is doubling down with probably their largest voter registration effort ever. The outrageous and grim possibility of another anti-choice bigot and apologist for fascism on the […]


Resisting the Re-opening: An Interview with Two Texas Teachers

In an interview for Section 44, Snehal Shingavi spoke with Ken Zarifis, the President of Education Austin (a merged union local of both NEA and AFT), and Luke Amphlett, the Consultation Chair and Executive Committee member of the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel.  Ken is a long-time activist in Texas and has been […]


On November 4th, We Have No Choice but to Seize the Streets for Black Lives

Is the BLM Summer going to continue through the election cycle? This is the question one way or another on the minds of millions. A new Pew Research Center survey seems to point to declining support for BLM, which despite holding on to a majority, is down 12% since June.  On the minds of thousands – […]