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You don’t want your nurse to be overworked: an interview with nurses in Texas

On January 26, 2023, nurses across the country held rallies to protest understaffing at a number of major hospitals.  The issue, says the National Nurses Union/National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNU/NNOC), is chronic and widespread and affects the entirety of the industry.  We spoke to nurses in Texas who rallied to learn more about the issues […]

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Remembering the Texas Abortion Coalition | Interview with Activist and Co-Founder, Evelyn Sell

The year began with some relief for abortion rights in Texas, when the U.S. Supreme Court eliminated any legal basis for Gov. Greg Abbott’s opportunistic ban on abortion during the first months of the pandemic as a “non-urgent medical procedure.” It was the latest and far from last maneuver in a decades long project of the Texas […]